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Our Need

ar18 has been served notice on its current rental premises. To secure our future, we are looking for a stable, long-term location. 


About ar18

ar18 is a British manufacturer and exporter of high-end retail furniture. We create bespoke solutions using CNC, joinery, metalwork, painting, and printing. You’ll find our work in film sets, airport lounges, shops and hotels.


Our installation teams work around the world, ensuring that our products are fitted to the same excellent standard to which they are built.

A stable home

Like almost all businesses, ar18 needs a premises to operate. Since 2003, we've been based at Bridge Works in Uxbridge.


Our current location has served us well, but never properly reflected our business, our values or the quality of our work.


Changing situation


In 2021 we received a backdated rent increase that materially changed our business plan.


Worse still, in November 2022 all other tenants were given notice to leave and we were told our lease would not be renewed.

By halving our factory space we have been able to remain, but now we need to find a new home.

Help us find a site

Finding a site that meets our needs isn’t easy, but we're trying.

Soon after the rent increase, we began working with the award-winning Brasier Freeth to find a new premises. Sadly, after years of searching, every site brought to us (and others we found ourselves), has had to be discounted or was out-bid by other buyers.


We have had to think more broadly about our options. When South Bend came up for auction, we carefully assessed it against our needs and the planning context. We decided to bid and a few weeks later, we won the auction.


Our search continues, just in case South Bend doesn't work out for us. So if you know of a more suitable site, please let us know – we’d love to see it.

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