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Any proposed redevelopment has the potential to cause concern.
We have created this website to share our plans, hear your thoughts and continue refining our proposal.

The building

To operate effectively, our business needs a variety of people and plant in one location. The building must accommodate our state-of-the-art warehouse, workshops, assembly areas and offices. We need at least 1500sqm, and preferably more for growth.

We're proposing a 2 storey building set into the sloping landscape. The building would be BREEAM excellent with a timber structure. The roofs to the north and west would be covered with living vegetation; the south roof would be used for solar panels.


Deliveries, collections and commuting staff all need space for access and parking. We are exploring how this area could meet our needs, comply with flood risk policy, and still play a part in the ecological value of the site. 


Beyond the building and access areas, ar18 has very little business need for the grounds around them. We are keen to go beyond environmental policy and use this land to create an ecologically valuable site.

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Offsite agreements

Not all of our needs have to be met on South Bend land. Nearby businesses may be able to help us meet some of our needs offsite and reduce the impact onsite. Discussions have begun in this regard. 

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ar18 currently employs around 40 staff. Almost all of these jobs would relocate to Kings Langley. We run a successful apprenticeship scheme and would look to expand this.

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